Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inspiration: Mad Men's Peggy Olson

Like may of you out there, 
I am impatiently awaiting season 5 of 

Even though I am a newcomer to this addictive saga,
I spent the last month obsessively viewing the DVDs.
I'm officially caught up and then some.
I just had to view the bonus material too!

Only problem is....
it left me CRAVING even more MAD MEN!

I just adore the set design,
the characters
of course

To further feed my addiction I indulged in reading this
 fun and informative book

   which was authored by Janie Bryant, the 
Award Winning Designer for Mad Men.

Find her website and blog here:
I'd like to share with you a few dresses I have in stock that are reminiscent of the Mad Men Character
Played splendidly by actress 

Some garments are a direct translation from her costumes,
while others I imagine as part of "Peggy's" personal wardrobe.  
See what you think!

Other PEGGY inspired fashions!

So I ask you,
which reminds you most of Peggy?
If you are interested in purchasing these garments please visit my 

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