Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mad Men Fashions

 I am a very late-comer to the series MAD MEN on AMC!
I have been meaning to watch but never seemed to get around to it.
This SUMMER I vowed
to catch up before the new season begins in 2012.
I'm proud to say I've made it to season 3!
Betty Draper's Party Dress
Needless to say I am IN LOVE!
OK.... Sure, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is quite eye catching but that's not what I am referring to.  I'm sure you all know by now, I am talking about the FASHIONS.

Three seasons in and I still can't figure out if I love Joan or Betty's style best.  Do I really have to decide?  I mean most women are both
Marilyn AND Jackie,

Joan Holloway in all her curvaceous splendor! 
Betty Draper, Joan Holloway and Betty Olson
Stunning in Cream!  January Jones is prim and proper as Betty Draper.
I simply adore this sweater!
Bobbie Barrett in a LEOPARD dress! 
Bobbie Barrett in this amazing ORANGE gown!  I wish there had been additional photos of this gown.  It was quite GLAMOROUS.

Joan Holloway in a gorgeous black dress.
Kitty Romano's LOVELY dress with red roses.
FINALLY!  They let Peggy look a little sexy.  I loved the TEAL color of this dress.
I WANT this CORAL colored dress and matching coat on Rachel Menken. 
A NOD to the DAPPER Mad Men!

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