Vintage Life & Style is an extension of a life long passion. Since I was a young girl I have been enamored with "Old Hollywood". The glamour and mystic of old movies captivated me. I loved the set design, the story lines and of course the FASHIONS! I enjoyed dressing up with my mother's evening clothes pretending to be one of those fabulous leading ladies on the screen.

I clearly remember watching the Sonny & Cher show. I loved all the glitz of those Bob Mackie gowns Cher wore. I wanted to be her and would practice my impressions much to my siblings amusement. Needless to say, I'm not tall nor lean and I don't have that gorgeous silk black hair. Yet, somehow I still get by....

My first vintage dress was given to me by my aunt. I was 16. She had made it years prior. It was white cotton with macrame at the shoulder and around the neck. I loved it and I was hooked! Of course you just KNOW I still have it!

Another dear aunt gave me numerous fabulous vintage dresses. I wore them to all the weddings and events during my teens and 20's. All of these I still own and cherish dearly. I could never part with them.

So, this is where my passion ignited and it lives on today with ever bit of fervor as it did many years ago as a young child. With the ease of online shopping I am finding that my love of vintage has grown. I enjoy wearing vintage clothes and find that the fit is far superior to what I can currently afford today. I try my best to infuse current accessories with my vintage attire to avoid looking like I am wearing a costume.


Contact me at:  VintageLifeandStyle@aol.com

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